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Needle Felting Workshop - Festive Woodland Creatures

Needle Felting Workshop - Festive Woodland Creatures

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Make the most amazing Needle Felted Festive Woodland Creature to adorn your home for the festive period!

Whether you choose to make a Hare, Badger, Fox, Mouse or Squirrel you can add a Christmas hat/scarf/Christmas details to the jumper to give them that festive cheer!

Needle Felting is a wonderful versatile craft uses a long, thin needle which has a series of tiny barbs or notches at its tip. When you poke this needle into and out of the wool, these notches tangle the fibres of the wool together, and as you felt, the wool will start to feel firmer, and will shrink in size. Because of this you can use it to sculpt 3D shapes and keep building it up into your desired shape.

Join tutor Hannah from Crafty Gal who will take you step by step through the process of dry needle felting to create one of these cute little sculptures.  You can display it them with pride as a decoration in your home during the Christmas Holidays, or gift it to a loved one!

Please be aware that you will be using sharp needles on this course and will be exposed to lanolin in the materials used. This workshop is undertaken at your own risk and is not recommended for anyone with allergies to Lanolin.